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How Not To Sail

Jan 14, 2022

In this episode, I check if we're still afloat, try to get some music from Peter Suarez, and resolve a little wager we made.

0:00 Previous Episode Recap
0:50 Opening Theme
1:08 Patron Meetup
2:21 A Blowtorch, Seacocks, and Running Water
3:52 How Not To Sail 101
4:08 Our Current SNAFU
6:38 Booking A Haulout
7:22 Will Peter Perform A Tune?
7:46 Music: Peter Suarez, "All At Sea," with setup
11:20 Music: Peter Suarez, "The Prisoner's Lament," with setup
16:03 Who Wins The Wager Over "Spar" Definition?
17:58 Outro, including Next Episode Tease
18:27 Show Notes Info and Patron Shout Outs
19:17 Sponsor: Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast
20:04 Thanks to Maxi Frini & Silly (but kinda real) Disclaimer
20:30 The Secret Sound Bite