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How Not To Sail

Sep 18, 2021

A week in the blazing sun. A thousand dollars worth of materials, some of which may or may not be the right stuff for the job. What could possibly go wrong?  Edited by: Bradford Rogers
Voiceover: Bradford Rogers
Mixed by: Maxi Frini

This episode contains music and SFX from the below. (All other music, SFX, location sound, etc., by Bradford Rogers for Worldsongs Media. ©2019, 2020 and/or 2021 Worldsongs, Inc.)


Hokey Pokey – Alan Green
Dominoes – Jim Perkins
Mojacari – Daniel Diaz
Simplfy The Chaos – Leon Rifkin
Opening Night – V. Dragunov
Rising Sun – Aaron Paul Low
Unfamiliar Faces – All Good Folks
Howie Mitchell – Deep Blue Sea (License: CC BY NC SA)
From the Library of Congress American Folklife Center, call number afc2008005_sr491. Released by permission of the artists.

sh_shop_door_bell_openclose (CCBY)
Sanding of soft wood [coarse sandpaper] (CCBY, CCNC)
Sanding A Piece Of Wood (CC0)
Phone Dialing (CC0)
Cordless Drill Drilling Wood (CC0)
Angry Phone Call (CCBY)